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A Passion Driven Academy

Taylored Pickleball Academy (TPA) has grown from a family business built on a passion for a niche sport to a professional company striving to become the largest pickleball academy in Canada.


Our passion fuels us to constantly strive for excellence in the services and products we provide. Each year we are strengthening our presence in the Canadian pickleball community as we partner with more and more communities and clubs across Canada.  We are part of the wave that is transitioning pickleball from a recreational sport to a sport played both professionally and recreationally at every age in Canada.

How are we going to achieve this?

Our lessons, clinics and events are all founded on one word, experience. Make that two words, exceptional experience.


We pride ourselves in creating a learning environment that is both light and fun which makes our programming accessible to players of all skill levels. But don't let that confuse you, our coaches are highly regarded not only in the pickleball community but in other sports industries as well. Our TPA coaches have years of experience competing, coaching and participating in the competitive sports world so they know what it takes mentally and physically to succeed. 



As in any sport, highly successful players do not always make the best teachers, it takes a unique skill to be able to break down the concepts and strategies needed to play pickleball at any level into bite-size pieces.  Our TPA coaches excel in this aspect of teaching, they each bring their own experience, knowledge and personality to each lesson/clinic making your experience more personal and one-of-a-kind. Don't be surprised if you hear music and laughter coming from the pickleball courts when Taylored Pickleball Academy is in town!


Learn more about our coaches below!

We Are Committed To

Meet the TPA Team

Quality. Expertise. Passion.

Our TPA Team consists of certified coaches who love pickleball as much as we do, maybe even more! But it isn't just their skill that makes them a TPA Coach, we pride ourselves in building trusted relationships and providing a memorable and fun experience with our clients and each one of our coaches can do just that!

Cameron Taylor Pickleball

Photo Credit to CLLiK Photography

Cameron Taylor
Co-Founder and Director of Development

Meet Cameron, a seasoned NCCP Level 3 Certified Teaching & Coaching Professional, whose passion for pickleball transcends mere expertise. As the co-founder of the esteemed Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL), he stands as a pioneer in elevating the sport to new heights in Canada.

With a rich history of championship victories at both national and provincial levels, Cam embodies excellence both on and off the court. For over 12  years, he has been imparting his wealth of knowledge, amassing over 6000 hours of on-court experience.

What truly sets Cam apart is his innate ability to forge genuine connections with players. He approaches each session with a dedication to understanding the individual needs of his students, ensuring that every participant walks away with refined skills, and also a renewed sense of confidence in their abilities.

Cam's coaching philosophy goes beyond mere instruction; it's about fostering growth and empowerment. Through tailored guidance and real-game simulations, he equips his students with the strategic understanding and technical proficiency needed to excel. Whether coaching individuals or teams, Cam's unwavering commitment to his craft ensures that each session is an enriching journey toward mastery.

Step onto the court with Cam, and experience the transformative power of personalized coaching, where every lesson is not just a lesson—it's a pathway to greatness.

View Cam's Full Pickleball Resume

Our Corporate Partners

To become one of our corporate partners we require the company to have the same commitment to growth, community and excellence for pickleball in Canada that we are striving to accomplish. Therefore, we are proud to highlight the following companies as our official TPA Corporate Partners.  

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Does your company's values align with ours? Interested in partnering with TPA?

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