As passionate pickleball players, we are very serious about the equipment we use and offer to those we teach. 

As your skill level improves and you start getting into more competitive gameplay, as in any sport, the equipment you use starts to make a difference. 

We are proud to be affiliated with Tyrol Pickleball, TMPR Paddles and Jigsaw Health

Learn more about them below and contact us if you have any questions regarding upgrading your current equipment.

Tyrol Pickleball Shoes

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We have been wearing Tyrol Pickleball Shoes for a few years now. Being on the court for hours on end, teaching and/or playing, these shoes provide us with the stability, support and comfort we need to last. 

TMPR Paddles

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TMPR paddles are made from passion. It's a family-owned business like ours with a drive to develop innovative paddle shapes and constantly improve the paddles' performance so you can play your best out on the court. 

Jigsaw Health 

Staying energized and focused while being on the court for hours was a struggle until we partnered with Jigsaw Health. Their supplements have helped keep us alert, focused and give us the energy we need to perform our best.