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TPA Skill Development Clinics

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

We have built our clinics in a series hierarchy that we believe corresponds with the progression of a player's skill level from beginner to advance. We highly recommend following this progression in order to avoid confusion or overwhelm when learning this great sport.

We hope this blog helps those that have attended one, two or more of our clinics and are not sure what they should do next. As well as those that have yet to attend one of our clinics

and are curious on where they should begin...

Pickleball Clinic with Taylored Pickleball Academy

1: Learn to Play Series


Skill Level Requirement

2: Introduction Series


The Introduction Series has been designed and structured for those players that may have recently taken up the game or those players that have been playing for any length of time but are ready to take the next step away from being a beginner. We have identified specific skills that players can be “introduced” to which will help improve the quality and consistency of their play. We will speak to the how, what, where, when and why of the identified topic or skill with the goal of having players introduce it into their own game.

Skill Level Requirement

3: Drill + Play Series


The Drill and Play Series was created for players who are actively looking to improve their skills through drilling, repetition and practice. These sessions will be split between drill sessions and mentored gameplay. In the first portion of these sessions, we will use specifically designed drills and drill-based games to target a specific skill or skill set. The last portion of these sessions will be mentored gameplay where we will attempt to continue our focus on the topic skill in a fun environment of like-minded individuals. This fosters an atmosphere of positive feedback and encouragement.

Skill Level Requirement

4: Performance Series


The Performance Series was designed for players that are ready to pull together everything they have learned and take it up a notch! It's time to think and analyze the game like a Pro... We will combine multiple skills and skillsets together around a common theme that will focus on strategies and advanced concepts that will really help step up your game!

Skill Level Requirement

Each series offers a variety of clinic topics...

Your success and confidence on the court is our success, so we recommend to take more than one clinic in each series before you move to the next to ensure you have learned and more importantly, developed, all the skills required at each level so when you move up you are prepared for what you will be introduced to you next.

If you are not sure where you fit in our series hierarchy and have attended one of our clinics in the past we recommend contacting us and we will direct you in the right direction.

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