Our Purpose

Is to share our passion for the sport of Pickleball and help grow this amazing game by partnering with communities, pickleball clubs and facilities to create and foster high-quality learning environments and opportunities for their residents and members.

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise the standards around the professionalism of programming offered as well as enhance the experience pickleball participants receive in our fun, engaging and professional learning environments.

Along with our purpose of Taylored Pickleball Academy, we have also founded a not-for-profit organization called the Taylored Pickleball Initiative (TPI)  as another way to share our passion and love for this sport.

This Initiative is guided by the concept known as the “Joy of Sport for All” with the focus towards three main population segments in Canada - youth, indigenous and mixed abilities.


TPI's purpose is to encourage physical activity, learn positive youth development skills, inspire leadership and foster multi-generational participation through sport.


Our official TPI website will be coming soon!