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Introducing Canada's First PRO Pickleball League

Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL)

Watch Canada's Best Battle it out on the Pickleball Court this year...

On February 1, 2023, the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) officially launched as the country’s first professional pickleball league.

“Interest in pickleball has exploded in recent years, and we are thrilled to be part of the action. Canada is bursting with talent that deserves to flourish; the CNPL will provide the opportunity for players to focus on their professional and skill development while simultaneously fostering the growth of the sport in Canada.” Cameron Taylor

The CNPL was designed to create a professional space for Canada’s top-ranked pickleball players to develop and showcase their skills while cultivating our country’s next generation of athletes.

Additionally, the CNPL will also focus on creating a community of comradery and support for professional and amateur pickleball athletes through annual events, showcases, training and ambassador programs.

Home page of the CNPL's website

Drafting Canada's Future Stars

The 2023 season will kick off with regional draft qualifying events featuring Canada’s top players competing for a spot on 1 of 8 professional teams. The CNPL will be positioned as an industry leader in offering cash prizes, guaranteed payouts, sponsorship opportunities, and career development for players looking to compete for the distinction of being Canada’s best.

Witness History in the Making

The CNPL will host some exciting, action-packed pickleball events in 2023. Held in communities across Canada and broadcast to a vast viewership, these live events will deliver fun and competitive team-based matches for athletes, sponsors, and spectators.

“We are excited to be part of a league dedicated to investing in Canada’s talent and potential,” states Kim Layton, Calgary, Alberta. “The CNPL has recognized the potential in us players to compete on a global stage in this growing sport. We appreciate the investment in our future and the future of the sport in Canada.”

For more information on the league, player recruitment, team ownership, or sponsorship opportunities, visit

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